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Thank you for exhibiting at IPF Japan 2017.
Please read the following instructions and make a preparation accordingly.

(1)Official Directory Entry

First Deadline: May 31, 2017 24:00 (Japan Time)
For listing your company infomation in Invitation leaflet for visitors.
Second Deadline: August 31, 2017 24:00 (Japan Time)
For listing your company information in IPF Japan 2017 Official Directory

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(2)Exhibitor's Manual

You can download Exhibitor's Manual.

2017 version
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(3)Application Forms

You can download Application Forms for Electricity, other Utility Requirements and services.

2017 version
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(4)List of Official Contractors

2017 version
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(5)Decoration Package/Rental Furniture

2017 version
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(6)Hotel Reservation

Online Booking site

※Online registration was closed on September 20, 2017


Japan Tours and Packages

(8)Truck Pass for Move-in & -out

2017 version
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(9)Download Logo/Banner

You can download IPF Logo for print media,Web Banner for internet.
You can link to our website without permission.

Logo Download(EPS、JPEG)zip file/1.20MB